Spices, Coffee and Magnolia flowers

“You don’t need to drink coffee to be awesome.You’re already awesome. But it’s more fun when you’re awesome and awake” (c)

You wake up in the morning and go to your kitchen

to make your first cuppa. How do you like it? Do you brew it in coffee machine, Italian coffee maker or chemex? Or maybe Turkish coffee in jezve? Fell free to tell me your favorite recipe in comments, will you?

My passion is spicy coffee.

Let me share with you an unusual recipe of Turkish spicy coffee in jezve. To alter it for any other brewing style just add the grounded spices to your grounded coffee.

So. My favorite coffee with honey and spices, which I invented myself. It’s hot, sweet and cheers you up like no other!

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per 1 mug
1,5 tablespoon coffee,
3 cloves,1 star anise
4-5 cardamom buds, opened,
1 pinch chili pepper,
5-6 pink pepper peas
grind (optionally)
add spices to coffee. You can change the amount of spices if you want it milder or more flavoured.
add 300 ml. water
brew until it’s ready.
add 1 tbsp honey to your mug.

And if you are a visual like me, you can fancy a coffee themed wall art in your kitchen – download my coffee and magnolia poster – it can be printed in your local Print shop in a large size up to 100*100cm

Don’t forget to share your recipes with me, I’m so curious! Waiting for your comments ❤️😘


  • D Arlando

    I’m a newbie to this coffee mixology. It was a small company in Ohio specializing in coffee and tea cocktails that peaked my interest. Your recipe sounds interesting. As for me, often I’ll add a sludge recipe from #Paleochef that includes Macau, cinnamon, honey, Cocoa, ghee butter, crushed red pepper, vanilla, and tahini. Sometimes I’ll mix a timid American coffee with a spicy tea. Sometimes it turns out well. And sometimes…

    • Orangerinka

      OMG wow! In the recipe you mention I can imagine the taste except for tahini!! I love coffee with some butter, cocoa butter or ghee, it’s great. Vanilla is one of my favorites but I can’t find beans here for quite a while. I sometimes try the spices blends for spiced wine and even for gingerbread. Sometimes it turns out well too😂👌
      Thank you for popping in! Feell free to tell me if you try my recipe 😊

  • Nathalie

    That sounds interesting. I usually only drink regular coffee with some milk. I hate sugary coffee with added flavor (Starbuck style) but I ‘d be willing to give this a try as it sounds a lot more subtle.

  • Stephanie KILGAST

    I don’t drink coffee, however I do add cinnamon and ginger to my cup of chocolate soy milk 🙂
    I warm up soy milk in a pan, add one spoon of unsweetened cocoa powder, add cinnamon and ginger to taste and half a spoon of honey ^^

  • Star of the East

    I’m in Turkey but do not like Turkish coffee 😀 You can also read your future in it afterwards 🙂
    For me, it has to be quick, with milk and sugar just to wake me up 🙂

    • Orangerinka

      Well, I think what we call Turkish coffee here is just based on the fact that the pot is named “Turkish”😁😂 but I hear you 😊 I like quick coffee too. Especially if it’s strong!

  • mystyle5

    This recipe sounds amazing! I always like adding cinnamon, nutmeg and turmeric to my coffee- but the cardamom and pepper peas are something I have to try.

    • Orangerinka

      Umm, I never tried it with turmeric! What a great idea! Instead, I added some coconut butter, red pepper and cardamom today and had do make a second one 😂

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