6 Australian artists to brighten your day

Discover 6 of my most inspiring artists, and if you cherish the positive impact the art can make, your life will never be the same. It will include more wide smiles, positive vibes and cheer.

It somehow happened that when I started to gather material about the artists that inspire me, 6 out of 10 I’ve chosen for this blog post were Australian artists. So I decided to make a separate post about most cheerful, mood raising and vibrant art I admire on Instagram. With an Australian feel.

1. Meet intricate, dreamy and emotional paintings by Jessica Watts. They are full of mind-blowing details and philosophical meanings embedded in them through the undertones of multiple layers. You can endlessly see into those details and contemplate about the depth of associations hidden in them. Also the beautiful women with abundant floral bouquets which are the centerpiece of her artworks are speaking to the viewer about vulnerability, inner power and self esteem.

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2. If you check out Casey Manson on Instagram, you will be immediately blown away with her cheerful personality shining through her artworks and behind the scenes photos. It seems that her birds radiate the same level of joy that her bright smile does. Read her stories about the flowers “hunt” and enjoy the sparkling humor as well as most beautiful Australian flowers paintings.

Enjoy the cheer

3. I also want to tell you about gorgeous realistic still life by Wanda Comrie, who paints flowers in the vases. The way she paints the play of light on the glass vases always makes me gasp. Her flowers are so vivid you can almost feel their smell. And pay attention to the tablecloth depicted in her artworks – it adds to the mood in the most awesome way. I especially love seeing her work in progress because it makes me feel awe for creative artistic skills. And believe in endless possibilities of self improvement for myself.

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4. Vibrant collages of Australian birds by Pete Cromer will amaze you with so many scrumptious details and bring smile on your face. His cute Druids sculptures and most adorable resin Budgerigars are the eye-candies you will crave for. Looking at his art I feel the energy of life, empowered by positive vibes and joyful moments. His works never fail to lift my mood when I see them on my feed.

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5. Jess Hutchison is a huge inspiration to me with her cheeky, joyful kookaburras, who immediately bring smile on my face when I see them. Her gorgeous stylish parrots definitely stand out with their vibrant and contrasting colors. And eye-catching Australian flowers, which seem to have their inner glow. Her works are rich in details, full of positive vibes and bright colors.

Meet Jess and “Ollie”

6. Sweet animals and birds by one more Australian artist Cat Lee. They are full of cheer and character, mindfulness and inner strength. In her artworks the joy of life and lightness of being lives and gives the endless inspiration to the viewer. I especially love how emotionally expressive her animals and birds look. And how they bring joy, happiness and make me look deeper.

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I hope you enjoyed getting acquainted with these wonderful artists. Next time I’ll share with you more from my personal favorites list.

Have a lovely day, dears and please share this post with your friends to cheer them up!

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