About me

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹!
You might already know me as @orangerinka on Instagram, but if you don’t – let’s get acquainted nowπŸ‘Œ

My name is Irina, I’m thinking of myself as an artist, but there’s much more than that.

To put it in few words, I’m a mother, coffee drinker, book reader, storyteller (my head is full of stories, time to let them out), bike lover, silly jokes producer, traveler and (once) a teacher πŸ™‚

I started this blog to share my art and stories in a new way that might be more jumbled than my *almost* chronological Insta feed and more of a storytelling kind, which I dreamed of.

Hope it will become a cozy place for you to stop while you sip your coffee πŸ˜‰

If you like any artworks of mine, they are settled here – check them out!