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Badger Stories

1. Sniffers

Colder winds have come and brought a different song. Howling and screeching sounds were flying over the lonely forest.

But what’s that? A sudden single beam had colored everything in gold and copper, and bronze and the funny sniffers appeared between the undergrowth.

This family was happy to find everything their noses could feel in crispy air. They were preparing for an autumn feast.

And there were two silent observers no one might notice…

2. Heather Beauty

Fall in love with this shy lady and never let go.
She will tell you mossy secrets and foggy tales, and sing you the wind lullabies.
When you feel lonely, she’ll be by your side, sniffing softly while you pet her fur.
When you are after the adventures, she’ll show you her secret woodland paths.
She asked me to tell you, she is waiting.
Will she find a friend?

This is my “art for storytelling” – the short stories can be used as a talking point with kids to create a story together.

How does the mood of these paintings differ?

Which one would you like more for a nursery?

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Painting Sniffers
Painting Heather beauty

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