Cactus Solo

Somehow Cacti, and especially Opuntia Cactus Flowers made their way to the bottom of my heart.

Their tenderness and fragility compared to the rigidity and all the prickles of the cactus itself is impressive. The colors of their petals and the fact that they attract bees are another fact that I like.

No wonder that I have painted a bunch of prickly pear flower pictures. I decided to gather them in one post to show you.

Vibrant duo, two paintings of Opuntia flowers, acrylic on cardboard, 20*40 each. Grab them both here

I believe that every home needs bright accent to rest the eyes on and quickly improve your mood!

What can be better than gorgeous delicate florals? And the happy colors of these paintings are definitely mood lifting 👌

These vibrant paintings are ready to spice up your home ❤️

On to my latest Cactus painting in watercolor. It’s spiced up with shimmering gold background.

“Petals of fire”, the painting is available in my Etsy shop

Unapologetic and vibrant, this cactus flower will always lift your mood.
Desert rose, sold
Cactus flower, sold
Prickly pear, small watercolor sketch
Not blooming and not opuntia, but I loved the cacti textures so much ❤️
watercolor 30*30 cm, available
My inspiration
Pollinators approve
These tones are eyecandy

Please let me know which one of the paintings touched you most 😊❤️