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Charlotte the chameleon was hungry.

She ate a mosquito, a fly, two ephemeras and all the tiny midges she could reach with her tongue. But it wasn’t enough.

I need to be creative, she thought. And started to dance. Immediately her chameleofollowers sent her dozens of likes and some of them were love bugs.

Oh yummm! She saw some treats in it

Feed her with your love bugs, don’t be greedy!

Charlotte and lovebugs

This is my painting in mixed technique. It features 3D chameleon made with texture paste. Its eye is made of natural nephritis bead. (Swipe to the end to see some closeup photos of texture)

3D textures and nephritis eye.

Bright and quirky, it will make you smile whenever you look at it. Tell the story of Charlotte to your kids, or suggest them to continue it. And it will become their favorite wall art, because kids love stories. Charlotte is waiting for the new home. Adopt her.

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