Coming to life

I stepped away from my workplace, ready to come up from the world of paint blobbing out of the tube and brushes with their swishing noises, and color spots and lines, all in chaos and order. But she looked at me.

Despair was in her eyes. Don’t leave me like this – she pleaded. So I took the smallest brush, it’s pointed end so thin I could use it instead of a grass to tickle your nose. And the brush started its dance. It wasn’t so quick and I had to be very careful to control my hand and the lines. But then, the lines flinched and the fan of lashes came to move…

As a child, were you looking at a picture, or lines on the wallpaper and they began to tell you some amazing story?
Did you have friends among those faces? Were the toys alive when no one was watching?

In my art, this kind of magic exists. Quirky birds and cute animals evoke kid’s imagination and tell the stories.

Choose original artwork for decorating your kid’s room – or rather, choose a friend for him.

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