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Together with 5 other wonderful creative women we are starting a new weekly spotlight “Creative Biz Talks”
And today we are discussing Success and Failure.
Can you remember your biggest ones?
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Meanwhile, here’s my story.
Life changing consistency and art as a daily routine

Changes come with a tiny pace. One wise woman said, that failure is a sequence that stopped. And success is when we just don’t stop.

My life as an artist proved it many times.
Let me tell you.
Year 2014 – I had quite a long depressive state and I promised myself to paint every day as a way out. No strings attached, just a page a day. Instagram was a new thing for me then, and I started to share my works. Until one day someone asked me to buy my work. It was then when I started Orangerinka on Etsy, and I’m almost hitting 200 paintings sold these days.

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Year 2015, I paint orders in our new empty flat almost on the eve of going to give birth to my first child.
And starting my everyday practice of small watercolor sketches again. My daughter tries the taste of watercolor even before she starts to eat oatmeal  she assists me with licking the brushes and sneaking my paints.
I created my most happy pieces during that period of time, the cow series and happy animals still are my favorite.

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