Creativity: the big split

I’m writing this on the train to the sea at 5:30 in the morning. We are learning some storytelling approaches with my older one, probably that’s why this text came like right out of the dream.

I’ll try to cover the rest in the upcoming posts.


Once there was art and the art was solid. Solid as a blurb of the dry paint, as a chunk of well loved sketchbook, undoubtful as white canvas.

Until two strangers came. One was the tablet and the other was line.

They said: we want you. They said: you don’t have much time and we are handy. They said: you are on the go, your armful is heavy and we are lightweight. Take us.

And one of them was a dream of new technique and the other one was an unexpected technique all on its own.

One made me thrive and the other made my eyes wide open because I never knew I can do something like that.

Digital watercolor and ambidextrous line art their names.

And the one thing they taught me is that I don’t need to oppose the ways I create art. So many ways not tried are waiting and I choose them all.

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