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Drama Llama

Is Monday a drama?

Not for this happy girl in the cacti!

Let me tell you the story behind this Llama and what was my motivation to paint it.

Firstly, I love the message behind the “No drama llama”. Meaning: Drama free zone. Llamas tend to be very friendly animals that do not like drama. Therefore no drama llama is the one that walks away

Every time seeing the funny puctures with it I think “nailed it, well-done”!

I think it gives some motivational push to be less dramatic on a daily basis and more positive despite the stress and how annoyed we can become due to simple things.

Also llamas are a great inspiration to me, the geometry of their bodies, their utter cuteness, their hilarious face expressions.

Next, the way their owners adorn them, in my opinion, it gives the festive feeling in everyday chores.

My desire was to create a painting, which will broadcast positive attitude to everyday life. The cacti are blooming, the fur is thick and no Monday prickles matter. The llama is cheerful. No drama.

If you need some no drama vibes in your life, buy this painting and smile every time you look at it.

Cheers from the happy llama
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Best companion for your tea
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Best travel companion


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