“It’s Her Business” Interview

Let me share some amazing news, I’m so happy!

An interview with me was just published by one very supportive community @Womenwhodo_UK

In the interview I tell what philosophy stands behind my art, my story and what my favorite painting is.

The interview was taken by Katie Eade, It’s Her Business Editor for Women Who Do UK blog.

If you haven’t heard of this collaborative community of women, who offer huge support in business and life, please follow them now!

Their mission is to inspire and empower 1,000 women by the end of 2020 – such a marvelous goal, don’t you agree?

They encourage networking, support women entrepreneurs in a very helpful way, are open-minded and just brilliant ladies. I’m so proud to be interviewed by one of their editors, Katie. Huge thanks for the spotlight and most lovely approach in her work. And kindest thanks to Emma for the opportunity to be featured!

Here’s the link to the interview. Please read it and follow these wonderful women on Instagram @womenwhodo_uk ❤️

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