My Story

I think it’s time to tell you more about what ideas stay behind my paintings.

I paint to reflect my vision of beauty in nature objects. I love seeing the aesthetics in everyday life and show it through my artworks.

I noticed that we tend to make projections of emotional states on animals’ and birds’ “face” expressions. I use this effect in my art. My characters reflect positive emotions to the viewer. I love to tell stories through my paintings.

I’m inspired by garden and wild flowers, birds and animals, especially the exotic ones. Their vivid colors in unusual combinations are endless source of inspiration to me.

In my acrylic paintings I use multiple layers technique. The underlying layers are adding colorful accents to the whole artwork.

In my watercolors I prefer bright and vivid colors washes and metallic accents.

These receptions help me to emphasize the details, to make my paintings more expressive. My aim is to create happy paintings. I want the viewer to smile and proceed to the everyday life in a better mood.

What speaks to you in my art most?

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Owls are one of my favorite birds to paint
Letting them go
Painting flowers as well as looking at them brings peace of mind and heart 💓
Love painting cute animals because they bring joy
Forget me not beauty
Toucan got a bit frozen… Make him warm❤️
The best companion.


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