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Simon the fox and Chloe (chapter 1)

In my previous post I promised to tell you a story about Simon the Fox and Chloe. These are the characters I invented about three years ago and they seem to have their own life ever since ๐Ÿ˜

They were emerging in my head quite often and I sketched and sketched little stories of the red girl and foxy and suddenly in a while, there gathered quite a number of illustrations and to keep them live and spread the word about these cute friends I made a calendar with them.

Time flying, I was missing them a lot and decided to paint some old and new pics in acrylics.

It felt right to start with the very first pic when they occasionally appeared, though it’s not when their story begins.

For the curious ones, I have all the pics under the hashtag #simonthefox_and_chloe on IG โค I also have made a doll and a foxy toys in different time, and when I saw them together and understood it was them๐Ÿ˜„


So. A bit of a story.

Part 1

Chloe is a little ginger girl who lives in a small town by the sea. She lives with Mom and Dad in a house on the hill, and her older brother is a sailor. So she has that thing with lighthouses which show him the way and seagulls who can occasionally tell him hello from her๐Ÿ˜Š.

When she was about 6 years old, she once ran to the grove near their house and stumbled upon a fox cub. Very soon they became best friends and so their adventures began๐Ÿ˜Š

Our story begins on one sunny day in July, when little ginger girl named Chloe was hunting ladybugs in the grove, which was right behind their house on the hill.

Well, one can not name this just “hunt”, but this was Chloe’s word. For when the girl is big enough not to believe that childish rhyme about Ladybug, she can just go and see with her own eyes, where the bugs live. [Chloe is about 6 years old here, but I’m not sure if kids of this age are generally chubbier๐Ÿ˜‚]

And there were hundreds of ladybugs that summer. Chloe’s Mommy said it was because they must have plenty of food, that they were defending the plants against aphids.

So Chloe just decided to go where there were more bugs and there their home must be. Everyone has to live somewhere, right?

She ransacked the grove all over, looked under the stones and in the trees, but no signs of ladybugs’ home.

Suddenly Chloe saw a thick bush which was covered with bugs. “Here!” – she thought, and crawled into the middle of the bush. But… who did she saw there?

A tiny red fox cub was staring at her with curiosity. “Who are you?” – asked the fox. “You have red fur like me, but you are so big. Are you a fox?”

“No, I’m a girl. I’m Chloe. Shall we be friends?”

“My mom calls me Simon. I’m Simon the big fox! But my brothers say I’m not big at all! They went hunting together but left me here. I’m so lonely ๐Ÿ˜ญ”

“Don’t be sad, said Chloe. Let’s play!”

And they chased each other in the grass, among the trees, up and down the hill, until the stars lit bright in the sky. Chloe hugged her new friend and Simon licked his not-really-a-fox redhead friend on the cheek. They promised to meet the next day and went home.

Simon and Chloe

To be continued….

P.s. if you enjoyed reading the story and would like to support my creativity, I listed my latest digital illustration as poster here โค๏ธ


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