What Owls say (part 1)

“Can we be friends?”

This is the first part of the story in progress, which will include several of my owl themed paintings (also this and this, and probably more of them.)

“I’m small! I shouldn’t shouldn’t shouldn’t drink that bottle!” Screamed Sheila as she woke up in the morning and found herself not bigger than a kitten.

The day before was her birthday and she received the mail with a tiny bottle with instructions to drink it before bedtime and her greatest wish will come true.

What was the wish, you ask me.

She craved for adventures, that’s for sure, but her biggest love were owls. She lived on her own in a small house in the suburbs near the woods and the owls were often guests.

So she drank it, my adventurous girl. And just after she screamed (did you hear it?) She found an interesting change in herself.

She could hear the bees buzzing outside the house, and a mouse snoring under the floor.

And that was not all.

Uhhhhuuuu, I’m just like an owl! She thought! And quickly turned around to check if she could find some feathers on her back in case she was turning into an owl. But no feathers.

Sheila made a decision. She climbed the table, found her mobile phone and typed some messages to her family and friends that she joined a wildlife expedition. She had to press the keys with her palms, her fingers were too tiny for the touch screen.

She gathered some equipment into an impromptu bag she made of coin purse, but got so tired opening the chest of drawers to reach the needles, that she curled on her giant pillow and fell asleep.

Hoot! Hoot! Hoot! – Sheila rolled from the pillow, jumped off her bed, grabbed the bag and rushed into the garden through cat’s door. She saw the shadows silently flying here and there. Hoot! What a surprise, she understood that language now!

And she started to hoot herself. Asking the owls to give her a ride. And what’s that!? A young owl landed in front of her!

He looked at Sheila with his big moon-like eyes and tilted his head to the side. Whooot are you, tiny human?

“I’m Sheila, she said. Can we be friends?


To be continued. Can you guess how the story will unfold?


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