Wild flowers for wild soul

“I’m tired” – she said. And closed the door.

I need something different she thought while leaving the big flower shop which sold a gazillion colors of roses and tulips.

My heart is wild, I don’t want tamed flowers in my room.

“I’m looking for some really wild flowers” – she said in another shop.

Are you the same?
Do you love the intricate shapes of protea? The smell of eucalyptus? Are you bored with simple traditional bouquets?
Then run in the protea fields, climb the tree and hug a koala, release yourself and remember who you are deep inside. Be wild. Be different. And when you want some rest, maybe… it’s time for morning coffee?

This painting will be gorgeous OOAK gift for romantic girl who loves proteas and eucalyptus.

This is my new original acrylic painting of protea and eucalyptus, medium size – 24*30cm (9,4*11,8″), canvas on board.

Below you will find more photos of it and some original photos of the flower which inspired it.

Original painting of protea and eucalyptus
Enjoy the colors
Enjoy the colors
I love its unapologetic beauty
On my working table, in the process
In the progress


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